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We provide advice as well as organizational and technical support in value assurance review, application of value improvement practices and audits to industrial projects.
Additionally through our spreadsheets and online technical presentations we could add value to your engineering department in Oil&Gas and/or Petrochemical sectors which could also be incorporated into your training platform. In these tools, the calculation methods and equations involved are shown step by step, as well as references to the sources of the content for all calculations. These spreadsheets are useful for courses and/or workshops of the standards involved, as well as for professional use in small or medium projects that do not require the use of a specialized calculation program. The spreadsheets are in a reserved area so if you are interested in reviewing them you can send me an email to, and I will gladly send you a temporary access data. I will be very pleased to receive your suggestions and/or recommendations, also if you are interested to establish any professional relationship you can find my contact information on this page.

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